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Yasuni Conservation Projects

Lesson in the forest  Forest Hike 


The Yasuni National Park is the largest protected forest in Ecuador with an extension of 1'022.736 ha, it is the core of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve created by the UNESCO in 1989. Shiripuno Research Center is carrying out several research projects of the local fauna and flora of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in the Waorani Ethnic Reserve, all our projects needs volunteers, equipment and funding. 

This is a unique Amazonian Orchid Project, it rescue plants fallen from the canopy to create an in-situ living inventory. it requires photography, hikes in the forest, visiting light gaps.

  • Macaws

The Macaw Project consist in a constant watch of macaws and parrots through out the entire trail network and roosting sites. requires birdwatching skills, hikes in the forest and roosting.

We have cameras in the forest to monitory the trails activity of large mammals and birds; it incorporates hikes in the forest, replacing batteries and memory cards and downloading images.

  • Bird Nesting 

Finding bird nest in the Amazon Rainforest is a whole challenge, slow and quiet hikes in entire trail network. 

  • Plants Use by the Waorani

Hike in the forest with Waoranis Guides and keep a record of their useful plants and animal diet. 

For help: You can contribute on our Projects with your time each second counts!;  let your community know about this projects in the Yasuni, by sharing media: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

For volunteers: We are looking for volunteers to help us in the implementation of these important projects; main field activity is data collection from observations with the Waorani People. 

For equipment: We are looking for new or used tools, that can be use in the field by field biologist, Waorani Conservation students, and volunteers. Please check the following of Equipment we need: 

  1. Solar Weather Station
  2. Solar Power Station, 1Kw
  3. Outboard motor 15 HP
  4. Laptops with spare batteries and charger 
  5. Trap Cameras
  6. Waterproof Binoculars
  7. Waterproof Spooting Scopes
  8. Microscopy
  9. Tripods
  10. 10 m Fiber Glass Canoes with paddles
  11. Digital Cameras with spare batteries, charger and memory card
  12. HD Digital Video Camera with spare batteries, charger and memory card
  13. White Boards
  14. Slide Projector

For Funding: Funds are needed to keep running the projects. The Non-Profit Organization helping to gather up funds is Population Biology Foundation.

The Yasuni Conservation Projects offers Interneship for Learning Experience for 6 months. You will experience your learning.

Many areas of the formal training school or universities. Experiment the teories from the classroom on yown way. We are offering Internship for six months for the following carreers/profession:

  • Biology
  • Zoology
  • Botany
  • Ecology
  • Wildlife Management
  • Ecotourism Management
  • Conservation


  • First Aid Certification
  • 2 letters of recommendations
  • Agreement letter by the participant
  • Field Equipment
  • First Aid Kit
  • Boots
  • Good Rain Poncho
  • Field Clothing
  • Dinner Clothing
  • Sports Clothing
  • Waterproof Gear Bag
  • Waterproof Binoculars
  • Waterproof Spotting Scope