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Amazon Field Courses

Yasuni Orchid  Futbol in the Amazon 


Ecuador is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Easy to travel and reach one ecosystem to another in matters of hours.

The backbone of its territory is the Andes mountain range creating a whole series of microclimates and major ecosystems, such as: paramo, andean forest, cloud forest, rainforest besides this wilderness sequence also exist to unique bio-regions: The Choco in the northwest and the Tumbesian in the southwestern.

We tailor educational field programs for high schools, colleges and universities; selecting unique locations, instructors with field research experience in Ecuador.

  • Neotropical Ecology Course

The course is designed especially for college and university students and combines the following locales: Amazon Rainforest, Andean Paramo, Cloudforest, and Galapagos Islands.

Shiripuno Research Center - 8 days
Yanayacu Biological Station - 4 days
Galapagos Islands - 8 day

Date: All year round
Students Size: 10-20 with one teacher allowed for free per ten students

Subjects Covered: Birds, Mammals, Herpetology, Insects, Plants, Ecology, Evolution, Medicinal Plants, Amazonian Culture: The Huaoranis, and Amazonian Issues: Oil, Logging, Deforestation.

  • Neotropical Birding Course

This is an introduction to the rich avifauna of the Amazon. Most of the time will be spent on the extensive trail network around the Shiripuno Research Center. During the last bird count, over 450 species were found.

Date: All year round
Students Size: 10-20 with one teacher allowed for free per ten students

Subjects Covered: Recognition of Habitats, Recognition of Families, Recognition Techniques, Skulking Antbirds, Manakin Leks