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Welcome to Shiripuno Research!

Shiripuno Research Center is the most remote biological station in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin, whose mission is to establish studies on Natural History, and Tropical Ecology. It is situated in one of the most pristine tropical rainforests in the world within the Anthropological Huaorani Reserve along the Shiripuno River; it is adjacent to Yasuni National Park within the Orellana Province, Ecuador. 

Shiripuno Research Center Coordinates
  1° 6' 29.42" S    76° 47' 20.12" W

Services Provided:

  •  Electricity by generator when needed
  •  Rooms with mosquitoes netting
  •  Cold water showers
  •  Transportation to and from the lodge
  •  Extensive trail network
  •  Small libraries
  •  Local guides
  •  Meals

Huorani Preserve and Lodge Location

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